To My Artist Friends, Part I (feat. SLEERICKETS)

October 24, 2023 Elijah Perseus Blumov
To My Artist Friends, Part I (feat. SLEERICKETS)
Show Notes

Read our four poems here! (Note: It may take a little while to load!) 

Topics discussed in this episode include:

-Poetry Says
-Matthew Buckley Smith
-Alice Allan
-Cameron Clark
-My Robert Bridges episode
-Robert Fagles
-Shane McCrae
-"The Truly Great" by Stephen Spender
-"Paradise Lost" by John Milton
-Three approaches to poetic composition: Vatic, Cognitive, Exploratory
-"Egg and Dart" by Matthew Buckley Smith
-On the nature of the gods
-"Science, Politics, and Gnosticism" by Eric Voegelin
-Amor Fati
-Thomas Ligotti
-Giacomo Leopardi
-"Cold Turkey" by Joshua Mehigan
-The irony-rich blood of Australian poetry
-Alice's original concluding couplet: "My girls, good girls, too good for marrying/ too good to love a broken-hearted king"
-Serious Australians: Murnane, Murray, and (the entirely real) Malley. 

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My favorite poetry podcasts for:
Sharp thoughts and cutting truths (Matthew): Sleerickets
Lovely introspection and sensitive reflection (Alice): Poetry Says
The landscape of Ohioan poetry (Jeremy): Poetry Spotlight

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List of the most common metrical feet:
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Anapest: weak-weak-STRONG (u u /)
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Dactyl: STRONG-weak-weak (/ u u)
Cretic: STRONG-weak-STRONG (/ u /)
Pyrrhic: weak-weak (u u)
Spondee: STRONG-STRONG (/ /)